Jiving with life

When it comes to living your best life, the only one who controls the steering wheel is you.

You decide where you want to go, how soon you want to get there and what you’ll do after you get there.

God, nature and the universe will always keep the time and seasons going. The power to thrive or not in each season depends on you and your attitude towards life. So;

1. What’s your attitude towards your life today?

2. Do you know where do you want to go?

3. Do you have a clear picture of your ideal life?

4. Do you know your target?

5. Do you have a plan to achieve it?

6. Have you written them down?

7. Is there a checklist?

8. Are you measuring your growth?

Failure to plan your life, is planning to live a haphazard and disorderly life.

Whatever the case, I remind you, the power is in your hands.

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AFRICA- Are we motivated enough to make the necessary changes?

Imagine driving on this road for almost 400km?

#Africa, we really need to pick up the pace and get #moving.

Dear #Ministers and #Politicians,

Road construction is now as simple as a signed contract on the very basic level, the rest is done by the #engineers.

We don’t have to invent anything, we only have to #decide to do it and #act on it.

Put in the order for the road, let the contractor work, institute a #quality #assurance & #monitoring contractor to monitor the assigned contractor and build the roads for crying out loud.

Am I being too optimistic? We cannot develop Africa if we think in 4-5 years timeframes, Africa’s development CANNOT depend on presidential terms.

Oh and before you tell me there is more to it, let me tell you this; everything HAS a SOLUTION ALREADY, the question is are WE motivated enough to MOVE NOW?

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