AFRICA- Are we motivated enough to make the necessary changes?

Imagine driving on this road for almost 400km?

#Africa, we really need to pick up the pace and get #moving.

Dear #Ministers and #Politicians,

Road construction is now as simple as a signed contract on the very basic level, the rest is done by the #engineers.

We don’t have to invent anything, we only have to #decide to do it and #act on it.

Put in the order for the road, let the contractor work, institute a #quality #assurance & #monitoring contractor to monitor the assigned contractor and build the roads for crying out loud.

Am I being too optimistic? We cannot develop Africa if we think in 4-5 years timeframes, Africa’s development CANNOT depend on presidential terms.

Oh and before you tell me there is more to it, let me tell you this; everything HAS a SOLUTION ALREADY, the question is are WE motivated enough to MOVE NOW?

#wecan #drive #government #empowerment #success #achieve #road #eblahfoundation #elinamablah #neverstoptrying #changeagent


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