Fully involved, totally committed

Personalised, in-touch, on the ground coaching for high performance.

A coach gets on the field with the players and yet is conscious enough to allow the players to play. That is what I do. My work with you is before, during and after whatever goal we are working towards, however the work will be done by you.

I provide the light so you can see the path but YOU must take the steps using the tools we develop together.


Using my network, knowledge and experience, I ask the questions relevant to provoke thought and spark an interest in developing natural talents into revenue generating careers.

Lifestyle Coaching

After several years at the helm of affairs in various business environments, I use the knowledge and experience from my years in business management and development to support entrepreneurs or SMEs to set and achieve targets.

Business Coaching

It is often said that the person who digs the trench doesn’t know if it’s crooked. Lifestyle coaches represent the third eye we all need in our lives to help us lead the type of life our ideal self requires in order to manifest.


Thanks to you, I started my side business and now I am learning the importance of multiple streams of income.

Pearl Essumah – PB’s Shito

Let’s make something beautiful together.


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