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An Exciting New Journey – Eblah

I have started a new exciting journey in another phase of my life. I am venturing into pure sales and marketing! Fast moving consumer goods is a whole different beast and I came to slay! Am I anxious? Of course! Am I scared? Of course! Am I worried? Definitely In spite of all these negative…


My friends I am happy that you will make greater effort in your relationship with God, we need it, it’s vital especially for growth.I PRAY WITH YOU, Always… I love you but God is even more in love with you.In the name of the almighty one of Judah! The God that created the whole earth…

Elements of Success

One of my many secrets to success is reading.I read as if it was a Doctor’s prescription.There are three things that we all need and use in life; money, time and knowledge.Reading can help you get all three so you can use it for your success.

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