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About me

I am an entrepreneur, a change maker and a youth and gender activist. I believe in imagination, audacity and persistence. It is because of these three characteristics that I have become who and what I am today. It is also these three characteristics that I want to imbibe into the younger generation of African’s both male and female to ensure that Africa can count on a prosperous future.

In my professional life, I am an employee, employer and coach. I work as the group secretary for the Horgle Group where I serve on the boards of our many businesses as;

Deputy Managing Director of JK Horgle Transport and Company Limited. The largest and most awarded 100% Ghanaian owned and operated petroleum transportation business in Ghana and West Africa,

Chairman of the Management Committee – HASK Petroleum, a well respected Oil and Gas importation and distribution company and board member of our various interests in Real Estate and Agriculture.

Being a multi-passionate innovator, I started my own firm to cater to the growth needs of young professionals, start ups and tertiary students as a life, business and career coach.

As Managing Director of Eblah Trading and Advisory Limited, I incorporate innovative solutions development to bring the dreams of my clients to fruition. The company also deals in general goods trading of FMCGs, e.g. wines and home accessories.

As my passion for African development grew I realised the issue lay in the foundations of the African child. This is why I set up an NGO to ensure that right from conception until adulthood, the next generation of Africans will be shaped in the manner that supported the continents developmental goals.

The Eblah Foundation (TEF) focuses on improving maternal health care, early childhood learning and youth skills development to meet market and industry demands.

Finally, as a champion of youth and women rights, I have partnered with Miss Taxi Ghana on a female empowerment movement to create training and work opportunities for women in the Petroleum sector. We have since successfully trained and employed 12 female petroleum tanker drivers.

Head Consult – Elinam Ablah

With several awards under my belt from the Oil and Gas, coaching and HSE sectors, I will continue to blaze a path for young women to believe that it’s alright to dream big, it’s better to get the audacity to start and even better to cultivate the persistence to never give up.

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Career coaching

Using my network, knowledge and experience, I ask the questions relevant to provoke thought and spark an interest in developing natural talents into revenue generating careers.

Business Coaching

After several years at the helm of affairs in various business environments, I use the knowledge and experience from my years in business management and development to support entrepreneurs or SMEs to set and achieve targets.

Lifestyle Coaching

It is often said that the person who digs the trench doesn’t know if it’s crooked. Lifestyle coaches represent the third eye we all need in our lives to help us lead the type of life our ideal self requires in order to manifest.


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