An Exciting New Journey – Eblah

I have started a new exciting journey in another phase of my life. I am venturing into pure sales and marketing! Fast moving consumer goods is a whole different beast and I came to slay!

Am I anxious? Of course! Am I scared? Of course! Am I worried? Definitely

In spite of all these negative emotions, I still persisted and invest my time, effort and money into it.

I am going to keep putting in my all because I know it will pay off. Persistence is key to my continuing success.

They say never giving up is the hallmark of a trail blazer. Well, I am fire starter. 😉

What do you want to do in your life? Are you still planning, thinking, doubting and being scared about all the ways it can go wrong?

What about all the ways it can go right? I urge you to use the feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety to your benefit. If you are fearful, rather be afraid of not trying at all because that’s when we truly fade-away with unrealized potential.

Have an excellent day.

Elinam Ablah


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