Stretching and settling the mind

A word of inspiration from my Headspace Meditation App.

I meditate because I need clarity of mind to make significant decisions everyday.

What I chose to do or not to do affects a lot of people because my job requires me to interface with a lot of people.

Some of them are doing good, others that are struggling and some who are very naughty.

With that kind of responsibility, I owe it to myself to have a great foundation to start from so that I don’t cloud my decisions with too much or too little emotion, empathy or rigid structure.

After all when it comes to humans, it’s never black or white, it always depends. Haha

Try meditating, it’s exercise and stretching for the mind. If exercise is good for the body then meditating is definitely good for the mind.

#eblah #elinamablah #tefgh #nevergiveup #tmwitheli


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