Conditioning for positivity

I love smiling.

Life is hard and in every second, there is an excuse to be sad or angry or irritated or just plain tired.

So I treasure the moments of happiness I get and I relive them every time I smile. That is why I smile so much.

My life is not pink roses and fancy cars. It’s a rainbow packed with amazing colors and spectrums, some make me happy and bright, others are dark, gloomy, scary and demoralizing.

However since I get to choose which colors I want to use to paint my day at the beginning of every day, I try as hard as I can to pick the bright, happy, inspiring colors.

I am always actively choosing the positive side in every situation, constantly delaying the negative reaction and looking for the ray of light.

It doesn’t happen in a day but if you stick to it, your brain will learn and then adapt to start looking for the positive in all situations or better yet, it will start CREATING IT.

#elinamablah #startsmallthinkbig #tefgh #positivity #motivation #lifestylehacker #changeagent #iamenough


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