Protected but Restricted – My mind’s game

I was in a great and awful place when I took this picture. I was feeling the appreciation and love he showered but I was terrified to return it. It was a weird combination.

I was afraid of what I would do to us if us ever happened. At that time in my life I felt that I destroyed the people I dated, my mind was cast in stone and no matter how deeply my heart loved, my mind wouldn’t let me feel enough to actually be committed.

So I blocked it, I wasn’t going to hurt another soul, especially one who loved so passionately and almost fearlessly. For I knew his own fears, and I wasn’t going to confirm them, I wasn’t going to hurt him.

Little did I know that blocking my affections for him hurt him more.

Well, everyday we learn and I am growing everyday. Especially emotionally, and I hope to bring down the walls brick by brick because, although the wall keeps me from getting hurt, it also keeps me from loving and being loved.

A reflective #tbt

I believe in you and WE ARE ENOUGH to overcome any challenge and also ENOUGH to deserve every good thing that comes to us.

#elinamablah #startsmallthinkbig #tefgh #positivity #motivation #lifestylehacker #changeagent #iamenough


One response to “Protected but Restricted – My mind’s game”

  1. Nice piece Eli. Well done.

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