Becoming positive – part 1

Think about the ideal result for you. That’s critical to achieve it

There is joy in every moment, your key to unlocking that joy is your attitude.

We can turn a frown into a smile in an instant, we can also turn sad into happy instantly. It all depends on our attitude.

I decided to speak to myself in a positive way only, I will only give my mind what I want it to produce.

Don’t get it twisted, I have my struggles but I CHOOSE to appreciate the positive more than the negatives.

So I focus on the positives and because the human brain is wired to blur out what you don’t want to see, my decision to be positive trains my brain to see more goodness around me and blur out the negatives.

#elinamablah #startsmallthinkbig #tefgh #positivity #motivation #lifestylehacker #changeagent

Author: Elinam Ablah

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