The moment we commit

Someone sent me this and I was so blessed by it so I would like to share it with you also;

“I like to share one of my favorite quotations from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) with you,

“The moment one finally commits oneself to a task, Providence also moves. All sorts of things that would otherwise never have happened happen to help you. A whole stream of events is set in motion by the decision, and it provides for its own benefit numerous unforeseen coincidences, encounters and aids that no man could have dreamed of before.

Whatever you can do or what you dream of, start it. In boldness lies genius, power and magic.””

NOW, REMEMBER THE SMALL THINGS MATTER, take steps everyday to become the ideal you that YOU have decided to be. Walk, talk, act like your future ideal self should act and start right now, it will shock you how fast everything will come together to help you achieve that ideal future self.

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