A smile for a goal

I strive to be a person that brings happiness everywhere I go. To be able to do that I have to have happiness within me, to be able to do that I protect my close environment, no negative vibes allowed.

We have to retrain our minds to have happiness as its target, so in any situation our brain is looking for a way to end up happy. I say happy because research shows that a happy body and mind, functions better, heals faster and sometimes lives longer.

This doesn’t mean challenges won’t come, it means that whilst you are going through that challenge, your goal is happiness.

Having a goal helps A LOT, it helps you to stop focusing too much energy on the current situation so that you can continue taking decisions and actions that reach for the ultimate goal.

This is just like when you ran a marathon or you jog a long distance; when you get extremely tired, you may rest or slow down but you never forget about the finish line, in that way, even though you are currently challenged, your focus is on the next step to take to be able to reach the finish line.

So my Darlings, I choose happiness as my goal to keep me growing and flourishing, what’s yours?

Remember, you are more than enough! You have everything you need right now to become everything you ever wanted to be and I believe in you.

From Eli with love

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