Drama in mind matters.

We are the shapers of our own destinies.

Think the way you want your desired future self to think, act the way you want your desired future self to act, talk the way you want your desired future self to talk and do all this starting right now.

Start shaping your behavior right now and begin the process towards creating and manifesting the desired future you want.

Your mind is a fertile ground and whatsoever you plant in it will manifest for you, choose positivity, choose it and guard it fiercely.

It takes consistency and practice, but you MUST begin altering what you allow your mind to think and what you allow your mouth to say.

Don’t say why does this always happen to me, say how can change this? How can I get better at this?

Don’t say I can never afford it, say how can I afford it.

Don’t say I am so stupid, say how can I avoid this mistake in the future.

Many practices in the world believe in faith but they also state very clearly that faith without action produces nothing. So after you have prayed about it, act like it, starting right now, ensure that every small decision you make must be towards achieving the future you prayed about.

I believe in you. You can make it.

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