Swiping through memories

So today being Throw Back Thursday, I decided to go through my photo album in search of a post worthy picture.

I tell you, the activity took me through a myriad of memories and emotions. I saw funny pictures, I saw weird pictures, I saw pictures from others that were sent to me, I saw pictures of past loves, I saw pictures of friends that I have to check up on, I saw pictures of family moments that melted my heart, I saw pictures of amazing events that changed some aspect of my life, I saw my adventures, I saw my victories and I saw pictures of some moments in my life when I was trying to put up the happy face but each picture told the truth through my eyes.

What did this teach me? That life is unpredictable and that things will happen that I have no control over, some will make you happy, some will make you excited. Some will inspire you, others will discourage you. However no moment lasts forever and it’s our choice how long we choose to let moment affect us.

So be positively minded, choose positivity, choose to let grow in your emotions, don’t stifle them, experience their fullness, good or bad, they all hold treasures and lessons for us.


You are enough to deserve the good things that happen to you so enjoy it fully and stretch out the enjoyment. You are also enough to overcome the bad things, so experience fully them, learn the lesson they bring and let them go quickly.

Remember to say it loud: I AM ENOUGH

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