Reactivate the deactivated

Have you ever found yourself at your wits end from no fault of your own?

Have you ever been super motivated, extremely excited about something only to have that excitement snatched away from you through the actions of someone else?

Have you ever by your own self deactivated your own motivation for some reason or the other?

Most of us would have answered yes to one of these. In my case it’s yes to all three.

It’s frustrating when something you were super excited about suddenly becomes bland, and especially when your enthusiasm was broken by someone you expected to support you, your parents, your boss, your close friends, yourself.

My dear reader, the only way to survive in this world I have found is to keep seeking that light within you. No matter how dark a room is, a tiny spark brings light. We need to find that spark, we need to keep lighting it every time it gets dark.

We are in charge of this spark, we all have it. We all possess the ability to light it. So today I remind you. You are enough. You have the spark, you can light up wherever and whatever you choose to.

The search is within yourself, get closer to you and begin to realize how sufficiently equipped you are to turn any situation around. The answer is already inside you. You have the Magic.

Now start that fire, spark that flame! Reach for higher, because you are ENOUGH to achieve anything and everything and YOU are ENOUGH to deserve all the GOOD things you want for yourself.


Let that’s fire burn! Let it burn!!!!

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