Yes, I am

There comes a point in your life when you reach the tipping point, the point where you are forced to look at life squarely in the face and decide to continue being mediocre or embrace the fullness that is you.

A point when you become fully aware of your past and truly afraid of your future, a point when you begin to understand that the choice is yours alone to make, it’s your decision, you can choose to step into your greatness in all aspects of your life or continue to live just enough not to die.

I reached that point last year, I fell into the mud pool of self awareness. My eyes were opened to who I could be if only I let myself shine, if only I stopped getting in my own way and stopped looking for what is comfortable.

I had to start making small decisions daily that were uncomfortable, small tiny decisions to get up earlier, read a page a day, do something new each week, talk to people and say what I really thought not what would make them happy.

Slowly my body started adjusting for the uncomfortable things in life, I am still adjusting and those who know me say I am changing.

I tell you, I used to be afraid to hear that I had changed but now I love to hear that statement.

YES, I am changing,

I have decided to live FULLY, to live TRULY and to live FIERCELY!

I believe in you. You can do it. Start right now

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