AFRICA- Are we motivated enough to make the necessary changes?

Imagine driving on this road for almost 400km?

#Africa, we really need to pick up the pace and get #moving.

Dear #Ministers and #Politicians,

Road construction is now as simple as a signed contract on the very basic level, the rest is done by the #engineers.

We don’t have to invent anything, we only have to #decide to do it and #act on it.

Put in the order for the road, let the contractor work, institute a #quality #assurance & #monitoring contractor to monitor the assigned contractor and build the roads for crying out loud.

Am I being too optimistic? We cannot develop Africa if we think in 4-5 years timeframes, Africa’s development CANNOT depend on presidential terms.

Oh and before you tell me there is more to it, let me tell you this; everything HAS a SOLUTION ALREADY, the question is are WE motivated enough to MOVE NOW?

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The journey doesn’t end with one step. We must continue to push cleanliness until it reaches the generation centers

I am still elated from the #GhanaBeyondFilth challenge this weekend at the Shining Beach.

This is not just a clean up, we aim to start a cultural revolution, to teach the locals about rubbish sorting and proper disposal to prevent plastics from reaching the oceans .


For our children

We are the environment, if it’s filthy then we are filthy

The responsibility for the environment is ours.

We have a mandate to ensure that the environment is safe and improved for our children.

This weekend my foundation had a beach cleaning event at the beach in Accra.

The plastic we collected was unbelievable. Over 100 trash bags!

The sad part for me was that I could see plastics in the waves.

The solution is much bigger than a clean up at the beach but this is a step towards towards the solution.

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Seriously, no one is perfect

Listen, even if I am the one you have to unfollow to have peace of mind, DO IT!!

Your sanity and peace is more important to me. You can’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself because of other people’s highlights.

Please, I am not posting my failures so you cannot judge your life by my timeline. A lot of social media influencers are the same, we post what will make us look good to get the likes and comments.

It’s human. So PLEASE!

Don’t measure your life by someone’s carefully selected social media page and content.

Now go out and thrive. I believe in your capacity to conquer it all, especially if you break it down into the smallest tasks and take them one at a time.

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Attitude of Gratitude

I choose gratitude in this moment for it is the reason I will continue to smile.

I am living my best life in this moment.

I am so grateful for my life right now.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone and everybody.

Most especially, thank you to my Peace, my Love, my Sanctuary, my Higher Power, my God.

Without your ever calming presence and support, I don’t know who or what I would have become. Thank you for teaching me the way you did. I bless your loving nature.

A reflective post made in gratitude

I believe in you and WE ARE ENOUGH to overcome any challenge and also ENOUGH to deserve every good thing that comes to us.

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Conditioning for positivity

You get to choose, so choose your happiness

I love smiling.

Life is hard and in every second, there is an excuse to be sad or angry or irritated or just plain tired.

So I treasure the moments of happiness I get and I relive them every time I smile. That is why I smile so much.

My life is not pink roses and fancy cars. It’s a rainbow packed with amazing colors and spectrums, some make me happy and bright, others are dark, gloomy, scary and demoralizing.

However since I get to choose which colors I want to use to paint my day at the beginning of every day, I try as hard as I can to pick the bright, happy, inspiring colors.

I am always actively choosing the positive side in every situation, constantly delaying the negative reaction and looking for the ray of light.

It doesn’t happen in a day but if you stick to it, your brain will learn and then adapt to start looking for the positive in all situations or better yet, it will start CREATING IT.

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Protected but Restricted – My mind’s game

The same walls that protected me from hurt are the same walls that prevents me from being loved

I was in a great and awful place when I took this picture. I was feeling the appreciation and love he showered but I was terrified to return it. It was a weird combination.

I was afraid of what I would do to us if us ever happened. At that time in my life I felt that I destroyed the people I dated, my mind was cast in stone and no matter how deeply my heart loved, my mind wouldn’t let me feel enough to actually be committed.

So I blocked it, I wasn’t going to hurt another soul, especially one who loved so passionately and almost fearlessly. For I knew his own fears, and I wasn’t going to confirm them, I wasn’t going to hurt him.

Little did I know that blocking my affections for him hurt him more.

Well, everyday we learn and I am growing everyday. Especially emotionally, and I hope to bring down the walls brick by brick because, although the wall keeps me from getting hurt, it also keeps me from loving and being loved.

A reflective #tbt

I believe in you and WE ARE ENOUGH to overcome any challenge and also ENOUGH to deserve every good thing that comes to us.

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Don’t make that excuse

Your reason why it won’t work is someone’s reason for doing it

What’s your excuse today? I can promise you that your excuse is someone’s only reason for doing what they do.

Get up and reach for greater!

I believe in you and WE ARE ENOUGH to overcome any challenge and also ENOUGH to deserve every good thing that comes to us.

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Dream, plan, execute

Wake up and act now, that’s how things get done

I am a planner so when Rukie sent me this, I piped up!

I have always maintained that the world is not built by dreamers alone for they are selfish in nature, the world is built but those who wake up from their dreams and execute.

So wake up and start drawing the plan in ways you can execute.

Remember I AM ENOUGH

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Becoming positive – part 1

Think about the ideal result for you. That’s critical to achieve it

There is joy in every moment, your key to unlocking that joy is your attitude.

We can turn a frown into a smile in an instant, we can also turn sad into happy instantly. It all depends on our attitude.

I decided to speak to myself in a positive way only, I will only give my mind what I want it to produce.

Don’t get it twisted, I have my struggles but I CHOOSE to appreciate the positive more than the negatives.

So I focus on the positives and because the human brain is wired to blur out what you don’t want to see, my decision to be positive trains my brain to see more goodness around me and blur out the negatives.

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