Stay ready…

Are you ready for the opportunity you have been praying for? Are you ready to move right now if we offered it to you? _______________________________________ You see my dear friend, everyday is a chance to improve your readiness for that opportunity, it’s funny how life works in that, the more you work on getting yourself [...]

Procrastination is the thief of dreams.

Procrastination is the thief of dreams. How do you spend your time? _____________________________ Procrastination is often the result of hidden fears, or complete dis-interest. Mostly, the reason why you are postponing that thing is because you are really afraid of the uncomfortable things it requires you to do, the amount of energy it requires you [...]

Changing Reality – A subjective outlook

Thank you @tombilyeu _______________________________ Immediately I realized this, my life changed drastically. I used to attribute everything to spiritual influences and destiny/fate. This blame game prevented me from taking responsibility for things in my life and learning from them so I can think better, decide better and act better. ________________________ However, now that I know [...]

It’s funny how

This post caught my attention, its had me thinking for a long time. Imagine how we expect others to act when we hurt them, like we hurt them and still expect they act a certain way about the hurt we caused as if their expectations that we wouldn’t hurt them was able to stop us [...]


Never forget that as long as you breathe, you have a chance to correct your mistakes. Nothing is permanent except change itself so be ready to accept your faults and make corrections for a better you. You deserve the best you for you. Remember, look in the mirror and say, I AM ENOUGH #elinamablah #tefgh [...]

A great start

I am so blessed and grateful for life I recently heard that if we start treating every morning like we appreciate being alive, we will have a much better day. I agree with it as I have tried it out and it’s true, I started to wake up grateful for being alive and feeling special [...]