An Exciting New Journey – Eblah

I have started a new exciting journey in another phase of my life. I am venturing into pure sales and marketing! Fast moving consumer goods is a whole different beast and I came to slay!

Am I anxious? Of course! Am I scared? Of course! Am I worried? Definitely

In spite of all these negative emotions, I still persisted and invest my time, effort and money into it.

I am going to keep putting in my all because I know it will pay off. Persistence is key to my continuing success.

They say never giving up is the hallmark of a trail blazer. Well, I am fire starter. 😉

What do you want to do in your life? Are you still planning, thinking, doubting and being scared about all the ways it can go wrong?

What about all the ways it can go right? I urge you to use the feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety to your benefit. If you are fearful, rather be afraid of not trying at all because that’s when we truly fade-away with unrealized potential.

Have an excellent day.

Elinam Ablah


My friends I am happy that you will make greater effort in your relationship with God, we need it, it’s vital especially for growth.
I PRAY WITH YOU, Always… I love you but God is even more in love with you.
In the name of the almighty one of Judah! The God that created the whole earth in 6 days, the God that separates seas and calls hailstorms on demand, the God that sent His son to die for mere men and the God that still keeps His word, daddy Lord I praise you your name. You are Holy, highly exalted and worthy of all the glory and honor.

I pray for you today, I pray that that you are covered in the blood of the Almighty, that your end is greater than your beginning, that you speak with purpose and vision, that your eyes be open to the true God, that your face be set upon the Lord and Him only.

Warrior Child of God, I pray fire through your viens, I pray the fire of the Holy ghost through your viens. You will be blessed and you will elevated among your peers, you will be a person of favor. God will set His sight on you and everything you do will be a manifestation of His will.

I surround you in the blood of the Lamb this day and I call forth fire to be your guarding light. No weapon fashioned in any dark places shall be able to penetrate your fire shield for it is the armor of God. You are untouchable, unless the will of God is willing to manifest greater power may no uncommon trials come your way.

When faced with challenges may you remember the Creator of it all, set your eyes to His direction, call the All Powerful into the battle and just like David defeated Goliath, no enemy will be too great for you for the one that fights is the Lord of Hosts.

My dear friend, you are called for splendor and kingship, I pray these declarations penetrate your soul so that every action you take is that of a King’s son.

I pray this day for you and all those around you. You are blessed and highly favoured.

God bless you immensely.
In Jesus Name have I prayed.

An attitude of Gratitude for Success

“Everything in this universe has been specially designed to make sure you achieve your assigned destiny”

An attitude of greatness

The above statement is true for everyone and the only difference between the person living well and the one who is not, is ATTITUDE.

Your attitude in this life will take you far, you can be negatively minded and continuously be exposed to negative situations or you can be positively minded and reap the benefits of the blessings around you through GRATITUDE.


Photography by @sethappiah_pht @kissedandhitched

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The spirit of Humanity

This is the life of people who never give up.

The only way to fail is never to try at all. As long as you keep getting up to try, you are a winner.

Tweak your approach and try again, learn from failure and try again.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.

A wonderful picture from WomenonTop Inspirational.

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What’s scarce for you? Time or money?

Hello lovelies,

Time is money, that’s what we hear all the time.

What are your thoughts on this : Would you spend time “Doing-It-Yourself” or would you prefer to pay for it and spend the time saved on something else or is it money that’s scarce for you?

Let me know, let’s vibe.


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Stretching and settling the mind

A word of inspiration from my Headspace Meditation App.

I meditate because I need clarity of mind to make significant decisions everyday.

What I chose to do or not to do affects a lot of people because my job requires me to interface with a lot of people.

Some of them are doing good, others that are struggling and some who are very naughty.

With that kind of responsibility, I owe it to myself to have a great foundation to start from so that I don’t cloud my decisions with too much or too little emotion, empathy or rigid structure.

After all when it comes to humans, it’s never black or white, it always depends. Haha

Try meditating, it’s exercise and stretching for the mind. If exercise is good for the body then meditating is definitely good for the mind.

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Jiving with life

When it comes to living your best life, the only one who controls the steering wheel is you.

You decide where you want to go, how soon you want to get there and what you’ll do after you get there.

God, nature and the universe will always keep the time and seasons going. The power to thrive or not in each season depends on you and your attitude towards life. So;

1. What’s your attitude towards your life today?

2. Do you know where do you want to go?

3. Do you have a clear picture of your ideal life?

4. Do you know your target?

5. Do you have a plan to achieve it?

6. Have you written them down?

7. Is there a checklist?

8. Are you measuring your growth?

Failure to plan your life, is planning to live a haphazard and disorderly life.

Whatever the case, I remind you, the power is in your hands.

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Believe in yourself.

Life is like the ocean, the waves will never stop. It peaks and it subsides, it can bring joy or disaster.

The choice to thrive is ours. We can choose to learn to ride the waves or be smashed by them.

When it comes to something you can’t control, adaptability and fast recovery are the best tools for survival.

Take my word for it, the proof is all around us in nature.

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